Best Brand of Needles

I am relatively new to knitting and need to buy some more needles. In your opinon what is the best brand and best internet site to get them. TIA


Hi Meredith, welcome to KH! I :heart: :heart: the Knit Picks Options interchangeable needle set. You can get them at

Many of us have gotten to the point where we only use circular needles for all knitting, whether in the round or flat.

I love my Addi Turbos, and have enough that I can’t see buying others.

However, the KnitPicks Options seem to be very well received around here. They are an interchangeable set, so you get most of your needle sizes in one package and can add the sizes you don’t get in the set at a reasonable price.


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I have the Denise Interchangeable needles and just love them. But since you are just starting out you may not want to spend that amount of money. I also love Bamboo and wooden knitting needles. Give them a try!

I also would recommend the Knit Picks Options needles. I :heart: :heart: :heart: mine!

As a new knitter, I needed the bamboo or plastic ones so the yarn wouldn’t be so slippery. But now that I have gained some experience, I am enjoying the Addi circulars the most. So it is possible for your taste in needles to change with experience. Just a thought.

[color=blueviolet]I’m the opposite of mshelton. I hated bamboo as a beginner, still do, so I went with Denise’s. However, now I only use my KP Options. I think as a beginner getting an interchangable should be a priority because of gauge. I would do a swatch for a project with the recommended needles from the pattern and find out my gauge was wrong. It really wasn’t a big deal since I got my Denise’s a month into my knitting experience but it would have been if I didn’t have them.[/color]

i loved my bamboo when i started but i rarely use them now that i have my denises. i do like the feel and all that but i wouldn’t go with them again unless i was in a needle emergency and had to stop and buy something.

The reason is because i covered the entire cost of my Denise set with the cost of about 4 or 5 pairs of bamboo circs. the cost seems like a lot initially but when you look at it in terms of that…

My first needles was a pair of sz 13 bamboo. I loved them then and I love them now even though I rarely use them. I’ve basically give up knitting on straight needles. But my 13s were great beginner needles. Why don’t you try making your own. It’s easy and cheap. You can go to ACMoore, Michael’s or the hardware store for the dowels and Amy shows you how to do it in the Basic Techniques section of this site.

Nadja xxx

OK, I am using a pair right now to knit a baby afghan but it calls for circular needles. Is there somewhere on this site where I can get instructions on how to convert straight needle patterns to circular? I really like using them they are much easier to work with!


Knitpicks by far…and I have owned just about every needle known to man. :lol:

I wish that their DPN’s came in more sizes…in fact I should email them today with that suggestion.

There’s nothing you need to do. With circs when you are knitting flat you just turn your work when you get to the end of the row like you already do…the only difference is that you are less likely to drop your other needle since it is still attached to the work! :wink:

I :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: my Denise needles. I’ve tried just about all of them (including Addis) and the Denise is just the most flexible/comfortable for me. Even if you only buy circs one at at time instead of an interchangeable kit they are the best…you can use them for “regular” knitting and circular.

There is a whole thread on interchangeables here

By convert, do you mean change your straight needles to circular ones, or change your knitting over to circs? You can’t change the needles themselves unless they’re homemade wooden ones. You can buy a circular needle inexpensively, then just start knitting with them at the beginning of a row, you don’t need to transfer them from the straight ones.


Hey there! This question comes up a lot around the internet and I hope that the blog I try to keep fresh with in-depth knitting needle reviews would help future readers make an informed decision about their next set (or, let’s be honest, sets) of knitting needles. These aren’t clickbait linkfarm garbage, but rather researched, informative articles written by real knitters with the purpose of recommending the right knitting needles for a particular situation. While I have articles devoted to specific situations like the best lace knitting needles or the best knitting needles for socks knitting, I also spent some time giving an overview of each of the major brands in turn, which you can see here: Reviews for All Major Knitting Needle Brands

I plan to keep adding to the collection, so if there’s a particular knitting needle situation you think we should cover, please let me know. I’m also hiring more knitters as writers to provide an even more broad perspective – just hired a colorwork expert today!

Hey there!
Finding the right needles is really personal preference. Some like the wooden, bamboo, stainless steel. There are many choices to choose from. From there you have to find out what project require what size diameter of knitting needle, and the length. For the most part, while you start honing in on your preferences, and what projects you are most likely to take on, start with kits. Within kits you can have many sizes of diameter needles for a cheaper price, but with it comes the expectancy that they won’t be of incredible quality. Quality doesn’t always equate to big prices, but from experience, most times it does.
For what projects I do most, I love the ChiaoGoo, they are interchangeable Knitting needles. Addi is good as well.
For the straight needles, I tend to prefer stainless steel as they usually last longer, and have good glide.

Hopes this helps!