Best bind off for sock cuff?

I’ve knit my fair share of socks but haven’t done a pair for a while - that’s not entirely true - I’ve knit the current pair of socks 2 other times and the 3rd times a charm so I am going to bind them off and be done with them this time.

I do toe-up so need a good stretchy cuff bind-off for the cuff - quick before I change my mind and FROG them again ! please.

No! No frogging!!! Back, frog, back! Back you, beastie!

Russian Bind-Off in Pattern is my current favorite. Much less flare than the surprisingly stretchy bind off.

That’s a very nice bind off, GG.
I also like Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind off here. (Actually, I like it just about everywhere that it can be used.)
There are several videos and tutorials online for it too.

Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. There are also You Tube videos for it. It’s a tad fiddly, but worth it to be able to get your foot in the sock.

I finally tried that one and I think I like it too. I did it on a swatch but haven’t actually used it yet. It doesn’t flare like the surprisingly stretchy bind off does it? For me the surprisingly stretchy bind off is too stretchy and ends up messy looking. I think the Russian bind off is another name for the lace bind off which I think I learned from a link you posted.

I’m wanting to read that the frog lost this one.

I agree the surprisingly stretchy can be a bit messy. I figure since its a sock cuff it didn’t matter as much. I’ll take a look at this one.

Jan, I have a pair of socks with a modified version of the surprisingly stretchy bind off. Wearing them is no problem at all but when I don’t have them on and look at them it bugs me. I haven’t reworked it so I guess it’s not bugging met quite that much. :teehee:

So many bind offs to choose from. Variety is the spice of knitting.

I still want to know that the frog didn’t get fed, please.

Nope, I haven’t FROGGED them. I put them down and went to bed after posting the question and am now just sitting down with them again. I think the sewn bind-off is what I used on my last two pair of socks. Our internet is feeling sluggish in the cold tonight so the video links will not load.

:yay: :yay: :yay:

Sorry that your internet needs antifreeze. I’m glad you’re going to finish them.

Glad to hear that these socks have survived and I hope we have the chance to see the finished pair!