Best bind off for a waistband?

Is there a technique to both connect- and bind off- live stitches to an earlier row? I’m thinking some modification of kitchener might do the trick but I need help finding it.
The project: I’m making a little girl’s skirt that will have an elastic waistband. It’s knit bottom up and I’m ready to bind off. I could just bind off and then sew down the bound off edge but my sewing tends to get sloppy when I don’t have my stitches lined up neatly and organized on needles, lol.
So I would like to bind off and sew down in one step. Does anyone know of such a technique?

You could use the same technique that’s used to create a tuck or welt. In that case you knit the stitch on the needle together with the stitch ~6 rows below that stitch and then bind off (6 rows below or however many rows below in order to make the size tube you want for the elastic).

I agree with salmonmac, knitting the stitch on the needle together with the one that’s 1" or so below it on the WS and BO as you go should work pretty well to make a casing for the elastic.

Binding off that way could also provide a nice “chain” around that you might like on the outside.