Berroco Ultra Alpaca - too fuzzy!?

Hi, I’ve heard lots of raves about the Ultra Alpaca yarn so I recently ordered 2 skeins online. I started knitting and maybe it’s the color I chose (Salt & Pepper - grey with speckles of whites) or maybe it’s just the ‘halo’ effect of alpaca, my twin ribbing pattern is not showing very well. The yarn is very soft against the skin though.

FYI, I am attaching a pic: I put it alongside with the Cascade 220 green scarf I am knitting. Is it a big contrast? Or am I just being paranoid?


I would say no, you are not paranoid.
I would say that you are right.

Has anyone used this yarn? I love the feel of this yarn and the price is good too. I’m thinking if it was only because of the fact that it is kinda heathered color then next time I will order solid colors. Any response from those who have used this yarn or have used other alpaca yarns is appreciated. Here is the link to the info on the yarn in case someone might not have heard of it:

Its the color mostly, but alpaca does have a halo. Berrocco’s Ultra Alpaca started my love affair with that fiber. I love it!

It is the yarn, but there’s nothing wrong with it. IT does great for cables and color patterning. It’s the alpaca that has the halo, but it makes a nice garment.

I’ve used the yarn and it is very soft and the fuzziness diminishes over time, and with washings.

Thanks for all the comments! I am thinking about ribbing it off when it’s still early…and maybe trying another pattern (cables maybe), and also switching to a smaller needle size (I’m using size 7) to help the stitch definition???

I am knitting a blanket with it right now with size 6 turbo needles…while it is going to take me FOREVER, I love the yarn. This is my first experience with it also…I am using 6208 Couscous.

I just bought this yarn in a chocaletly brown to make a sweater so I am interested in everyone’s responses too - swatching now and noticed the halo as well, so trying to choose my stitch pattern with that in mind…

I’ve never knit with Alpaca. What is the halo effect?:??