Berroco Tempest Pattern Question

Hi - thanks for any and all help.

Here is my question on this pattern - I am doing the Shrug.

Reading the pattern - I have two questions at this point.

  1. How many stitches do I cast on for the Porcupine stitch?

  2. How many repeats of the 9 rows should I do?

Sorry if these are silly questions - I’m having a hard time finding this info throughout the pattern - referenced above.



The instructions are given for both a tan and a shrug and it’s not used on the top, just the shrug. It tells you right in the pattern below the stitch pattern:
"[B]LEFT SIDE- [/B]With larger needles, using Cycle, cast on 148 sts. Work even in Porcupine St for 6”, end on WS."

It’s usual for a pattern to show the stitch pattern by itself, and give you the number of sts it’s worked on separately. That way, if you want to use it for another item, you can do so.