Berroco substitute needed

Good morn. The link above is for a bag I was thinking of making. The Boho Colors is discontinued and berroco doesn’t have any; I emailed them.

So, I’m trying to find substitute, but having difficult time –

[B]Self-striping ribbon yarn in worsted weight.[/B]
[B]This yarn is/was a blend of 37 cotton, 22 rayon, 21 nylon, 20 poly[/B].

What would be the key materials in that blend that I would want to stick with in my search, as it’s going to be a purse and take some abuse?

I never worked with ribbon yarn, and so when I click to enlarge detail, I just don’t see/understand how that was ribbon and would the bag look as good in a regular self-striper, not ribbon?

Any suggestions on substitute yarn?

I would think that any worsted weight yarn would give you good results. Just choose a sturdy yarn that can handle the abuse a purse sometimes gets.

I know of a yarn like BoHo…but gotta get the name for you.

I have some “Glace” i would be willing to part with. It too is discontinued. Just some fyi.

Imma go look for that yarn like boho.

Ok check this out…These people still have some…

The Agave would look beautiful with the color of glace that i have.

Stitch Diva has a Skirt that she uses Boho for and says the yarn sub would be any drapy worsted yarn…
Im still looking for the name of that other stuff.

The boho looks like shoelace material…my lys has a whole basket of stuff like this in her shop…it may even be boho…she carries about every yarn Berroco carries. If you want me to see, let me know.

Have you tried e-bay?

I’m here, just away from computer for the weekend – doing gardening b4 it gets too late. Thanks for all the help. I did try ebay. I think I might get it from that link.

Again, thanks, and I will continue to follow this in case there are more replies.