Berroco pattern booklet 281

I’ve fallen in love with this pattern

problem is I can’t get it in Australia, Berroco doesn’t do international, I’ve tried ebay but no joy, does anyone know of a company that would ship it to me, or alternatively, has anyone seen a close match on-line?? I’m trying to figure out how it was done but designing isn’t really my strong point!

Thanks in advance

All of these sites say they ship internationally, but do check to make sure. That’s a great sweater btw!

yeah they all will, that is if i sell one of my children and throw in an arm to cover the postage! Oh the drawbacks of living in the colonies!!!:wall:

What about checking in Australia? Here’s a link to a bunch of them.

I guess if all else fails you have to decide how badly you want the pattern. :shrug:

I love that cardigan! Maybe you could do a gauge swatch in an alternative yarn that’s basically the same weight. I’ve done it before, especially when the alternative would be wearing a $100. sweater. I like myself, but not that much!!!

OH! You just want the pattern???!! I wish it was a free pattern. :happydance:

Hello tasknitter,
You could try getting in touch with ms gusset ( Yes, the website looks a bit dodgy, but I saw her selling Berroco patterns at the Bendigo Wool Show this year, so she is a real person :slight_smile: