Berroco Andoa pattern

Has anyone knitted this pattern by Norah Gallagher? It calls for worsted yarn, however I am knitting it in DK. I don’t think it will be too bad, however I will keep you posted.

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Beautiful stitch patterns in this one. See what gauge you get with the DK. Then you can scale up to the measurements that you’ll get. If the sweater is too small you might be able to knit a larger size and get that to work.
Which yarn are you using?

It’s from a local regional mill - the Bendigo Woollen Mill. It’s a fleck 8 ply which is new this season. If the gauge is too tight I’ll just use bigger needles to get the correct tension.

Yes, play around with the needle size until you get gauge or close to it and have a knit fabric that you like. Enjoy knitting the sweater.