Bernat Yarn Recall

Sorry I posted this as an announcement by accident. My Bad!

I just read in Good Housekeeping: Here’s an exact quote:

Okay, so that said, let’s talk about this. A “BURN RISK”??? How about COMBUSTION RISK???

anyway, Bernat’s website is here and Info on the recall is here (from the bernat site) and also here from

I saw that on the Bernat website a while ago. It actually made me giggle, me being the horrible person I am. It gives me this mental image of setting your clothes out, stepping into the shower, and then coming back to find your shirt in a smouldering heap and your cat looking perturbed.
Of course, that’s just my imagination going off on me. I wouldn’t be laughing if I knew of anyone who had actually been hurt by, er… spontaneously combusting garments.

I heard about this recall months ago…are some places still selling it??? Actually, come to think of it, I saw it for sale still in Mary Maxim catalog. I should e-mail them…

Tab, your my kinda thinker! :roflhard:
I actually first heard/saw this notice when the Ben Franklin and JoAnn’s here had posted written posters stating the recall. I believe the site says you can even return already knitted items to Bernat…
“S’cuse me, grandma? Y’know that fuzzy beret and scarf set I made for you? HAND IT OVER and BACK AWAY!”