Bernat SuperValue?

I’m going to start my first sweater (just a stockinette stitch men’s sweater) and found this yarn on sale for super cheap! So I was just wondering what it’s like? It feels a little “stiff” (if that makes any sense) but is it ok to knit a garment out of? Also, any other experiences with supervalue?


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Regarding this yarn, I have not purchased it specifically due to the reason you astated. It feels stiff. Also, swatches in the store knitted with it just don’t appeal to me. Well, at least not as something I would want against my skin.

However, if cost is a factor I have to admit I infinitely perfer the Bernat to Red Heart Super Saver which feels like sandpaper on my skin.

In both cases having extremely dry skin might color my opinion a bit.
As with any yarn, I say if YOU like it, go for it!

It is a bit rougher than other yarns, but for a first sweater, might be a good learning yarn for you. If the man you’re making it for wears t shirts under his sweaters, it should be all right.