Bernat Super Value Yarn -questions

Before I ask my questions, [I]I’m not equating Bernat Super Value Yarn to Red Heart Super Saver[/I]. I’ve not actually seen the BSV in the store and I’m looking online. Based on the needle size suggested, U.S. size 8, I’m thinking it would be somewhat comparable to RHSS. I expect a better quality, but the gauge would be similar? Also, if anyone knows, am I correct in expecting it would be softer (or maybe smoother) than RHSS which tends to be scratchy?

With a needle size of 8 it’s probably a worsted weight so yes, it’s comparable weight to RHSS.

I personally think it probably is softer, but some people like RHSS and think once it softens in the wash its fine. My only point here is that because we all have a different tolerance level it’s a tough question to answer.

They always seem to have it in stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann. I haven’t been to one in years, but they used to. Is there any chance you can check it out first?

It’s a bit softer in the skein, but probably about the same after they’re washed. It’s a worsted weight too.

Thanks, both of you. Your responses are pretty much what I expected. I hope to see it in a store, I’m not ordering any now. Shopping IRL is a bit difficult right now so I’m looking at and just had to ask. I don’t remember seeing it at JoAnn before but who knows? I’d not bet on it. Your responses are pretty much what I expected. I’m thinking it would wear well for kids’ things and they have some nice colors.

Yep, it’s it the medium to large JoAnn stores. Not too sure about Michaels, but I think some stores carry it.

Just so you know, I work for Bernat. :wink:

Bernat Super Value is exactly the same weight as Red Heart Super Saver. I use it all the time for blankets and kids stuff. It’s softer than the RHSS, and it’s a good sturdy workhorse yarn. Very durable.

As with ALL yarns, some colors will be softer than others. I think it has something to do with certain dyes. I find the lighter shades of yarn to be softer than the darker ones.

I really hoped to hear from you, Shandeh. I know you are quite familiar with the Bernat line. Because of the responses here, I would order and expect to have yarn that I’m quite pleased with. I think it was the Bernat Super Value that had a Skipper Blue I just love. Thanks so much.