Bernat satin yarn

so i was gonna do a pattern that came on the yarn label of this yarn, bernat satin. but it is a very poorly written pattern, so im wondering can anyone suggest a blanket,throw, afgan pattern that i could knit with this yarn?

Satin is similar to Caron Simply Soft, you may find a pattern you like at their site. But I haven’t had a problem following their patterns, they’re actually pretty easy. If you would tell us the name of it, it may be on their site and we can help you out with it.

Bernat is a canadian company BTW, so their patterns are written in British knitting terms, maybe that’s what’s throwing you off? They also use a period instead of a comma between sts, which can make it harder to follow. So a row goes like this - K2. yo. K2. yo. Sl1. K2tog. psso. yo. K3. yo. Sl1. K2tog. psso. yo. K2. yo.

thankyou, but i dont think thats what is throwing me off. i always seems to loose a few sttiches or gain a few stitches.
this is the link to the pattern

i also get stuck with the last 13 sts

If this is your firt time knitting a lace pattern, you might be confused by the YOs. They’re just wrapping a stitch around the needle, then do the next st given in the pattern, and it’s also easy to forget one, or do too many or do the same with the decs.

The lace panel is 9 sts, so for row 1 - *P2. Work 1st row Lace Panel. (P2. K2tog. yo. P2. yo. Sl1. K1. psso) twice. P2. K2tog. yo. Rep from * to last 13 sts. P2. Work 1st row Lace Panel. P2.

you would p2, the the repeat begins - work 9 sts of the lace pattern, p2, k2tog, yo, p2, yo, skp, p2, k2tog, yo, p2 yo skp, p2 k2tog yo. Then do that all from the 9 sts of the lace panel again and again until you have 13 sts left. Then p2, the lace panel once more, and end with p2.

It may help to use stitch markers to mark off the 9st repeats for the lace pattern. That way you can count sts between the markers, see where you may have made a mistake in the repeat panel, and where you need to make a corrections. See for example, the after-thought yarn over under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Increases.

thanks for all your help, im gonna take your advice and use stitch markers between the panel repeats and hope that helps make things more simple

@Suzeeq -
Bernat is a Canadian company, but most of of their patterns are written using both USA and Canadian terms.

@ Alayna -
The pattern is a relatively easy pattern

PS - British terms are more commonly called canadian terns.

I’ve usually only seen the uk terms - yf, yon, yfrn for example.

I used this yarn to knit a basket weave baby blanket or one of my daughter’s co-workers who is expecting a child this fall. I didn’t like it because it snagged on my rings, or any rough spot on the needles. I didn’t buy all of the yarn for the blanket, my daughter did but I had to buy another two because what she bought was not going to be enough.

For a fairly inexpensive yarn, I actually like satin. It will separate if you aren’t careful, but it has a great sheen to it and a softness not found in a lot of yarns. I am using it right now to make a lace patterned sweater. To put my two cents in with regards to the pattern, I would make bets you are forgetting your yarn overs. I find when I am knitting a lace pattern if I come up short it is because I forgot my yarn over and if I have too many it is because if the pattern has a psso, I forget to pass the slipped stitch over.