Bernat instructions on Webiste

Is anyone else having problems with
I have been a member to their website for some time now, and can not log on.
I grabbed one of the handouts at a LYS and now need the abbreviations from the website and the site will not let me log on.

So if anyone can help me out with this new abbr. that I am stuck on I will be gratefull.

K3. *K3. K2tog.K4 [B]yrn[/B].P2

The bold yrn is what I do not understand.

There is a new abbrv. every time I knit… hahahaa

I went to the Bernat website, but it seems to be having technical difficulties today.

However, I read here recently that that is just a yarnover, but decided to check it out before giving out information that I only glanced at. Knitipicks has a glossary of terms and this is what I found there:

“yrn is an abbreviation for yarn around needle. This is completed the same way as a yarn over (yo).”

So…just a yarnover.



You’re most welcome! :slight_smile:

For future reference, there is a Glossary tab right here at KnitingHelp.

It’s a way to indicate a yo between a knit and purl stitch. Your yarn is in back, instead of just laying the yarn over the top of the needle to bring it to the front for the purl st, you wrap it all the way around the needle and to the front.

I am getting a bit confussed I think with this pattern.

I will give you the Row 1 inst. and then give you my interpataion. Might be scarey but I will try.

k3,*K3, K2tog. K4. yrn. P2. (K2. yfwd. Sl1. K1. psso) 3 times. P2 yon. K4. Sl1. K1. psso. K3. rep from * to last 3 stitches.

ok here goes my way of looking at this…
knit 3 * knit 3 then knit 2 together then knit4. Now yarn over which put the yarn in position for a purl twice. Knit 2 yarn forward slip a stitch knit one and pass slip stitch. Doing that 3 times. Purl 2. yarn over but is already over from doing purl so I am knitting 4 slip one and knit one and pass stitch over knit 3. etc…

Now I might not understand the yarn overs as you can see there are 3 differnet ways of instructions on the first row.

No , you’ve interpreted correctly. All three directions are for a yo, it’s just that british instruction differentiate for when it’s between a knit and purl, 2 knit sts, or between a purl and knit.

I think I am giving up on this for a bit and trying a different pattern.
I am very frustrated and just not confident that I am doing the right thing when doing the 3 differnet yo.

I guess a intermediate pattern is just not for me yet when it comes to afghans…

Frustrating as ever.

Thanks all for your help, but the yrn, yon and yfwd just confuse the hell out of me when all in one row.

Try it on some scrap yarn, a smaller number of stitches. If you practice it a bit, it should come easier.

Maybe I will try that now for the first 4 rows…
I am not getting the 244 stitches at the end of every row and I think that is what is frustration me.

  1. not knowing if I am to have 244 after every row as the next row might add more
  2. the amount of times I have to count to 244
  3. I second guess my knitting and frustrate myself to no end.

Thanks again for the suggestion.


I sat infront of this computer with the glossery open and videos playing with my scrap piece of yarn…

I did it, and it actually looks like a pattern…:cheering:

:muah::muah::muah: MUUUUAHHHHHHHHH

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I really love that pattern and I really did not want to give up on it.

yrn. P2.

Now yarn over which put the yarn in position for a purl twice.

I read that differently…or maybe didn’t get what you were saying.

I read it as a yarnover (as for a purl) and then do two purl stitches. Is that what you meant? Your explanation seemed to say to me that you did two yarnovers, rather than a yarnover and two purl stitches. Does that make sense or am I off base?

Yrn is actually yarn forward and "round the needle- same as yarn over…
I was getting confussed because there was soooo many different yarn over or yarn forward instructions in one row.
I was actually wrong. When I was in purl position I was to yrn (yarn around needle).
Hope that make sense.

Kryssie, yay! Sometimes it really helps to do just a portion of the pattern, a couple repeats or so, to understand how it’s supposed to look.

Is the pattern on the bernat website, btw?

The pattern was a pull handout at a LYS. … Some of the other handouts I picked up were all on the website.

I believe it is just that I am still unable to log onto the site. It has been that way for about a week.

The pattern is called [I][B]Lace and Cable Afghan
[/B][/I]Intermediate pattern.

By the rate I am going on this afghan, I might as well make it a 5 th year anniversay gift instead of a wedding gift… hahaaa