Bernat hoodie dog coat

I am having trouble understanding this part of the pattern any help would be appreciated. It reads as follows:

Place markers along cast on edge on the 6th St from each edge. (Rs) pick up and knit 29 sts between markers along cast on edge

This is where I am lost do I pick up stitches across the work or along the edge of the work HELP please

Thank you

Sounds like you’re meant to pick up sts along the cast on edge in order to knit in the opposite direction. Is this for the hoodie?
Can you give us a pattern name or a link to the pattern?

I downloaded the pattern from Ravalre. The name of the pattern is Bernat super value hoodie dog coat
Appreciate the feed back:thumbsup:

On Ravelry

This is definitely the cast on edge. It will start the hood.

Very cute coat. Yes, the picked up sts will be knit in the opposite directions in order to add the hood.