Bernat Feather and Fan blanket to knit

To all master knitters: Same question as luv2knit79:
The last row before switching (row 16) is K4 *P3. yrn. P4. P2tog. P2togtbl. P4. yrn. P3. (P1. K1) 9 times rep from * 5 times more K4. The next row (row 17) then says K4 *yfwd. K4. Sl1. K1. psso. K6. K2tog. K4. yfwd (K1B. K1) 9 times rep from * 5 more times. K4. (In this pattern it states that K1B means knit into next stitch 1 row below.) In row 17 when I go to do the K1B. K1 section is where the problem happens. I keep ending up with what looks like a dropped stitch (a large loop of yarn that seems to have no place).
Thank you.:grphug:

This was answered in your How to post. Check the way you are doing the knit 1 below. The stitch on the current row should drop down to the stitch below when both sts come off the needle. If not, give a slight tug to the sts. There won’t be a loose loop if you follow the video.

You’re doing it right. When you knit into the stitch below the one on the needle, the st on the needle will drop down to it. It won’t go any further than that, so you’re good.

Hi salmonmac:.

Thank you. I will keep calm and carry on and see what the result.

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