Bernat cottontots

hi all!

i thought i hated knitting with cotton, but that was before i tried cottontots. i REALLY love it. however, i am wearing a black shirt and after about an hour of knitting, i realized i was absolutely covered in fluffy cotton fuzz… i was just wondering (and hoping) if this goes away after wash?



Yes! Don’t worry, it does stop shedding so badly after washing. I have noticed that it does pill a bit more than other cotton yarns, but it isn’t horrible.

What does it mean to pill??

The pills are little balls of fluff that get tight into a
a ball on a sweater. Some people shave them off with a
a razor. You also can buy a little shaver just for the pills I forget what they call them.
I use my husbands old shavers for them.
Hope that helps you.


i knew wool piilled, it never occurred to me cotton would too, but that makes total sense!

i actually bought Oreck’s fabric shaver, A little on the steep side for such an item at around $20, but it’s something I feel absolutely safe touching my knits and it does a great job!

Thanks all! Although my gauge is insanely off with this yarn as opposed to like Sugar n Creme, I still REALLY love it, am actually contemplating making the Vanilla Pullover from Knit Picks for myself out of it! It’s SO SOFT!!! I can’t wait to wash it!

I love using it for wash cloths. I’m getting ready to order some for a baby blanket for my newphew’s baby that’s due in July. I haven’t used it for a large projects yet, so we’ll see. I think I’m going to love it though.

I’m currently knitting Kidlet Tank with Cottontots for my granddaughter, and finding it does shed on navy sweatshirts too. :slight_smile: Would it pill less if it wasn’t put in the dryer??? samm

I would think that it’s probably the washing that creates the pilling more than the drying. In the washing process, especiallly if machine washed, you get all that agitation going, and that causes rubbing of the knitted fabric against itself and the other items that are being washed. That friction, as well as the friction experienced during the knitting process and while wearing it (say, sleeve and side of sweater rubbing eachother while your arms move) is what causes pilling. Or so I was told by my mother many moons ago.