Bernat Cotton Tots?

I was looking for a cotton yarn other than Sugar N Creme, which, as you know, is more suitable for dishclothes than for wearables, and found Bernat Cotton Tots at Michaels. As Sugar N Creme, Cotton Tots is 100% cotton, just as Sugar N Creme, and yet it feels much softer when I touch the skein. I wonder if when knitted the final project is by all means better than the Sugar N Creme or would they be at the end just the same??
Any thoughts/experiences on this?:cool:

I made a set of dish cloths for my mom, some using Cotton Tots, some using Cotton Ease, and I made a set for my grandma using Sugar N Cream (because I liked those colors, not because I was skimping on granny!)

I would say that the result of the Cotton Tots is softer than the SNC, though I am not sure how they “age”, that is if the SNC becomes softer over time or if the Cotton Tots/Cotton Ease hold up as well as the SNC.

I liked working with the Cotton Ease the most, but I liked the Cotton Tots too, and will use it again…I really don’t care for the SNC. I don’t like yarn that “fights” me, and I felt that it put up a little bit of a fight. It kind of reminded me of rope.

The nicest cottons I have worked with that were soft and suitable for apparel were Online Linie and Berroco Touche. The former is pretty pricey and I would say not a good value (it is nice, but doesn’t “earn its keep”, IMHO). Now that I look up the Touche, I find that it is only 50% cotton after all! It was a little expensive, but I thought very worth the price.

I don’t think I’d ever make a garment out of Sugar 'n Cream, but I would (and have) make a garment from Cotton Tots. I made a child’s vest out of Cotton Tots and it has held up really well. I gave it to my friend for her daughter, and now their younger daughter is wearing it and it’s been through washings and still looks great. It has held up really well. Sugar 'n Cream is great for dishcloths though, I wouldn’t bother using Cotton Tots if you’re just making cloths or other “utility” type items, but if you’re looking for something for garments, Cotton Tots would definitely be better.

I did make a tank top with SnCream. I used a large needle so it wouldn’t be so heavy. It stretches out when I wear it and goes back to the right size when I wash it without shrinking.

I also wouldn’t use Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream for garments. I’m not that thrilled with the dishcloths either. They work great, but faded like crazy and are all pretty ugly about now! Knitqueen, did the cottonots hold up against fading?

As far as I know Jan, it did. I saw the little girl wear it a couple months ago and I didn’t notice that the colour was any different than when I’d given it to them. And it was a while ago that it was made, probably 3 years ago or so?

I made sweater for myself out of cotton tots and I love it! I made a cardigan from a Blue Sky pattern. When my friends saw it - they all wanted to make one. BUT, they used the Blue Sky Cotton the pattern called for. We all agreed, the cotton tots was better (didn’t shed and pill!) and was a lot cheaper. Go for it - it is a wonderful and inexpensive yarn!:cheering:

That sounds good. The colors of my microspun cloths are gorgeous, but I’d like them to be a little more absorbent and since they are doubled I thought I’d use a cotton yarn along with it. I’ll try the cottontots. Thanks!

Sorry for the blognap, Jenny!:shifty:

Cotton Tots is a finer softer yarn.

No problem, Jan! :wink:

Thanks for sharing your nice experience with Cotton Tots!! Your post helped me decide and I will go with the Bernat Cotton Tots… I want to knit some baby items for the baby my sister is expecting (it’s still too early to know if it will be a girl or a boy) and cotton is the best choice for her since she lives in Puerto Rico and the weather is pretty warm and humid for the most part of the year. I also wanted to find an unexpensive and nicer than SNC cotton yarn to knit a couple of tops for myself, for next Spring/Summer… :cool:

Also, I made a washcloth out of the leftover Cotton Tots from the vest and it has become the cloth that I use for cleaning my bathroom and it’s GREAT! :teehee: As great as a bathroom cleaning cloth can be, I guess. :teehee:

:rofl: very versatile yarn, then!! :happydance: