Bernat changed their yarn grr

I bought Bernat Softee Chunky yarn at Zellers and knitted up a scarf loved the yarn and went back and they didn’t have any left so I went to Michaels and bought 4 balls. I went ahead and started the same scarf and ran out of yarn before the scarf was complete. I was confused because its the same yarn. I wondered if my tension was different but no it wouldn’t have mad that much of a difference, so tonight I checked the label and Bernat has changed the weight from bulky to super bulky. Soo frustrating, because the label still says softee chunky and the yardage is the same. I just looked online sure enough it used to be 11 sts and now it knits up 14 sts

Uhhh, super bulky is heavier than a bulky so would knit to a gauge with less stitches per inch. Was the needle size different? At 14 sts per 4" it would be closer to a bulky if done on size 10½s; a super bulky on size 13s would be more like 11 sts per 4".

Agree, but I know your gauge can change as you become more proficient. Here’s the link to the softee chunky yarns. They all say bulky. Which one is yours?

I have friend who picked up a sweater she’d started a year before hoping to finally finish it. She used the same needle size and started on the second sleeve and the gauge was drastically different. She ended up going down two needle sizes to get a similar gauge. This doesn’t bode well for a few of my WIP. :doh:

The new Ombres do say it’s super bulky, with gauge on 11s, while the old gauge does say size 10s.

Well, and remember that we have to hang in there a little bit and be patient with them. They’re going through growing pains. Bernat and Caron were bought up by Canadian Spinrite Corporation. They’re bound to be going through a little restructuring right now.

Spinrite’s owned Bernat for a long time. The ravelry listing does show the ‘new’ softee chunky at the super bulky gauge though the solids were put into the Rav database as a bulky.

Like Sue says, Bernat has been with Spinrite for a long time. I’ve been working for Bernat since 2009, so I saw this change happen with the Softee Chunky.

When they first came out with the new version, which is now Super Bulky instead of Bulky, I told them that they should call it “Softee Chunkier”. :teehee:

Spinrite owns Bernat, Patons, Lily, Caron, Peaches & Creme, and Phentex.

I think they absolutley should have changed the name!

This is the new one I picked up

This is the old one

Maybe I am saying it wrong. I knit with a 5mm needle and used one ball to create a scarf (with the old yarn)

went and bought the new yarn (still using 5mm needles) not noticing this one was thicker because label still said softee chunky and I ran out of yarn before I could complete the scarf

Yeah, if you knit heavier yarn with smaller needles, it uses more yarn than with larger needles. The older skeins also had about twice as much yardage as the new ones. They were bulky and looked best knit on size 11/8mm, while the new one would look good on size 13-5/9-10mm.

The yardage on ravelry is wrong. Both my labels say the same amount of yards

edit: wait maybe they said they weighed the same, I’ll have to check my label when I get home.

Point is, if you change your yarn call it something else grr

Or discontinue for a few years, then bring it back at the new weight with a big fanfare!!

Caron did this - years ago they had a nice brushed glinty worsted weight yarn called Dazzelaire. Then it went away and they brought it back last year as a bulky.

The new softee chunky is 108 yds in the solid, 77 in the multi; the ‘vintage’ is 180 solids and 134 in the multi.