Bernat Cashmere from Michaels

I’m certainly no pro, but I was at Michaels and bought some Bernat cashmere in brown. I was naive and thought only my yarn store had great yarn and Michaels had granny yarn.

Anyways, I’ve knitted one fetching fingerless glove in it and I have to say I loved working with it. It’s so soft, didn’t separate, etc…

Definite thumbs up from me. Here’s what it is online, but I got in the store.

Bernat has been trying to upscale their yarn a bit without it costing a fortune and adding more natural fibers. I think they’ve done well.

If I ever get the strength to moderate my addiction to Bernat’s Softee Chunky, I’d love to give the cashmere a try! :cool:

The first ten or so things that I made were made with bernat Satin which I really enjoy working with.

It’s only 5% cashmere, but it’s incredibly soft!

I’m currently working on a sweater (only have one and a half sleeves to go!) made with the Charcoal color. Just curious, but what size needle did you use? I had to go up to a #10 despite the “worsted” claims. The fabric was like cardboard with any smaller size needle and I think I knit a bit looser than the average knitter. This suprised me as I usually have to go down a size or so from the yarn ball band recomendation. Oh well, it will just be done all that much quicker, won’t it?

I’m halfway through a scarf for the Hub, using that yarn. I love it! It’s very soft and it’s lovely to work with. I’m using 5mm (US 8) metal needles and it’s working well. I really like this yarn a lot. samm

I have been looking at that bernat cashmere yarn… the charcoal color is MUCH DIFFERENT than the other colors… it was not as soft and seemed thicker to me… I have not knit with this yarn yet, but the charcoal color had a completely different feel to me… I really liked the color tho and bought one to try…

Bernat does make nice yarn… I just got some of their soy blend thumbs up on that one too.

OK. I finished my sweater out of Bernat Cashmere and got a chance to wear it the next night out to dinner. This sweater is sooo comfortable, I didn’t want to take it off! Really really soft, not one bit scratchy and moderately warm. I know it’s mostly acrylic and I usually shy away from using acrylic in sweaters as they feel itchy on me. Not this stuff. If Michaels runs this on sale again any time soon, I’ll have a hard time not picking it up in every color they have.

I like the bamboo too :slight_smile: