Bernat Boa Alternative Yarn

Does anyone know of a good alternative to Bernat Boa yarn - something that is feathery? Bernat Boa has been discontinued.


I think Lionbrand fun fur would work fine.

Try this: or ebay.

It is still showing on their site…have you tried Mary Maxim…last I saw they had it for $0.97 per ball…or…a dollar store may have some.

Thanks for your all of your help!


Every now and again, Boa, or something exactly like it pops up in the discount bulk bin at Walmart…

I have some bernet boa I might be willing to sale or trade. :slight_smile:

I was looking for purple and I found some on Amazon - it was pretty reasonable - $3.97 and shipping wasn’t too bad.

Thanks again!

wow that not a bad deal Lion Brand Fun Fur is close to $4 a skein.