Bernat Blanket yarn/Bernet Baby Blanket yarn Questions

Hi :grinning:I am making some slippers out of the Bernet Baby Blanket yarn and its sooooooooooo soft and plush. It’s like walking on a cloud.:blush:It’s made from 100 polyester.I love this yarn.Its now my new favorite yarn.:heart_eyes:

Did any of you guys make anything out of this yarn or Bernet Blanket Yarn?Its a super bulky yarn.:thinking:

I am also wondering if there is any patterns online that’s for this yarn ?

I haven’t used this yarn but if you look for the yarn on Ravelry, there’s a tab at the top of the yarn page for pattern ideasusing the yarn.

You could also look on the Bernat site and they should also have some patterns to use with that type of yarn

I’ve made a few blankets out of it. Using just double crochet works well for a blanket or you can do a granny square blanket. Because its bulky u can probably use any bulky type pattern as long as u swatch for gauge. Probably would be cute as a chunky hat/scarf combo.