Bernat Bear-y blanket

Am making the Bernat Bear-y cozy knit blanket. Am down to doing the ears and need HELP. Have made one set but the outer ear seems huge. Believe it’s knitted correctly as the stitches are correct. How do I join the inner ear to the outer ear. Almost done but so confused. Any help greatly appreciated.

You could stitch through the 2 pieces to attach them to each other using the inner ear color yarn on a tapestry needle. A simple sewing stitch with the main color could be used in the same way to attach the ear to the blanket.
If the outer ear really looks huge when you place it on the blanket, why not reknit it with fewer sts?
Thanks for the link. The blanket is adoable.

How would I modify the ear to fewer sts? Also what’s the easiest way to do the duplicate stitch?


It’s a guess at how many fewer sts you’ll need but try out a smaller cast on. You can pretty much follow the decreases as given and test out the look before you graft the two sides together.
Here’s a good video for duplicate stitch.