Bernat baby jacquard dress

[COLOR=blue]Hi everyone :hug: [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]Here is a dress that i have to say that i enjoyed making from start to finish .[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]It is made with Bernat baby jacquard yarn and the pattern was in a bernat jacquard booklet . Both were kindly sent to me by momwolf as a gift for christmas . [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#0000ff]I loved how this yarn worked and made it’s own pattern.:)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#0000ff]Thank you Momwolf :muah: [/COLOR]

that is just adorable!!

Adorable was the first word that came to my mind,also.

Unbelievably darling, and very nice work!

It’s absolutely lovely:inlove: and i love how the yarn looks fair isle knitting, but it’s not:heart:

That is such a cute little dress! Great job!


Awwww! So cute!!

that’s just so flippin cute! I love verything about it from the colors, pattern, buttons. Love it.

Thanks so much ! I love everything about it too . Just made me feel good when i finished it :slight_smile:

I love it, looks adorable.:thumbsup:

Very cute dress and you did a great job.

Very cute Rita. I love that yarn.

Wow, your knitting is awesome on that dress, and some cute little girl is gonna look precious in it.

Oh, how adorable!!! :inlove:

Very cute! Love the buttons you picked too. :slight_smile:

This is sooooooo CUTE! Your work is wonderful!

[SIZE=5]Absolutely adorable![/SIZE] :cheering:

Classics last forever.
I knit a pattern that looked just like that for my older daughter,
nearly 40 years ago, but I didn’t use such fantastic yarn.

I did not think of it like that . The pattern is very easy but as you said it is a classic design that always keeps with the times .

Thank you :hug:

:inlove: Very pretty!!!

That is so cute and I love the yarn!
Can you post the name of the pattern? I’d love to get it and knit my granddaughter a summer dress!