Bernat baby booties pattern question

I’m knitting these baby booties. I’ve knit rows 1 through 9.
the instructions then state “These 2nd through 9th rows form pat. Work a further 6 rows in pattern”.

So the way I interpret that is to knit rows 2,3,4,5,6,7 and then continue with the pattern. Am I reading this correctly?

I think I’m confused because if rows 2-9 form the pattern wouldn’t I want to knit all of them?


That looks correct. Sometimes partial repeats of the pattern are needed. Can you give us a link to your pattern please?

Here it is, and thanks in advance.

Thanks for the link. Yes, knit rows 2-7 again. They’re darling. If you’d care to share a photo of yours, please do. We love pictures.