Bernat Alpaca? (Shedding Problem)

Has anyone used Bernat Alpaca Naturals? About a month or so ago I bought some because it was new at the store and it was very soft and I fell in love with the light pink color. I haven’t started a project with it yet, but I did start a swatch and it shed like CRAZY! :ick:

I felt like I was going to be covered if I kept knitting! Anyone else experienced this extreme shedding? Does anyone know if I wash whatever I make it will stop it (not entirely I’m sure, but just a little? Crossed Fingers) I was planning on knitting a Christmas gift with it, but I don’t want to give to someone if it’s going to shed all over them!

I bought that same exact yarn, color too. Peony right? It’s very pretty and soft. It was intended for a Christmas gift scarf as well.

I’ve knit about 7-8 inches of the scarf but I’ve let it sit unfinished because I’m so discouraged with the shedding. I typically do the bulk of my knitting on my train commute to and from work and my pants were covered when I got there!! :gah:
And like you, I’m having second thoughts on giving someone something that’s going to shed all over their coat.

I did read on someone’s blog that they swatched with it and the shedding problem was diminished after they handwashed it. I haven’t tried that myself. I’m considering just getting some Caron SS for the scarf, which is also reasonably priced and is washable. I don’t want to spend alot of money on the yarn and the more I think about it I don’t think the recipient will hand wash.

If you google search you may be able to find that blogger. If I can find it I’ll post the link.
Good Luck.

Hi kraafe22 -
Funny you should ask about Bernat Alpaca because I bought some about a week ago, made my swatch which shed all over, and returned the rest. It was awful.

I wish I could return it but I bought it too long ago. I didn’t try it until recently though because I was finishing up some other projects.

I googled “bernat alpaca shedding” and I found that blog. Maybe I’ll try that with a swatch and see how it goes. Otherwise I’ll just be stuck with it I guess

I’ve had the same experience. I’m hoping that the shedding will reach the point where everything that’s going to come out, has.

I just recently saw the Bernat Naturals yarn when I stopped by Michaels. I’m going to give the cashmere blend a shot, it looked very nice.

But I was really unimpressed by the alpaca. It had more guard hairs that I have ever seen in any alpaca yarn, blend or 100%. I was very put off by that.