Bergere de France pattern help

Hi my mum is making pattern bergere de France 427.86. Anyone done this? Back is done but the front is working out a lot smaller. Has 4x more stitches than back , but patterned and has a lot more decreasings. ? About 1inch smaller. Correct needles.
Thanks Mel

She may make up her own design to finish.

What is it? A sweater? For child or adult? Can you link to it so we can see it?

This one? Couldn’t find a listing on Ravelry for it.

Is she getting gauge? She might need to be using a bigger needle than is called for; everyone is different on that. I’m a loose knitter so I automatically go down a needle size from what the pattern says - except for colorwork.

Has she tried blocking it? Colorwork has a tendency to pull in on its own kind of like ribbing, but blocking can get it to relax and be out to the size/shape you want/require.

Hi thanks for your help. Not sure what the problem is on that particular
pattern. My mums knitted for prob 40-50years! She has made her own pattern
up! Many thanks Mel