Beregere de France toy


I’ve recently bought a kit by the above company which also includes booties and a hat

Has anyone made a toy by this company? I’ve just finished the right leg and the pattern is saying to put the 10 remaining stitches on a needle holder and to start the left leg. Now, do I cut the wool and start the left leg or do I somehow make up the 2nd leg using the same wool (can this be done)?! I don’t think it has to be made as 1 piece as it says to make 2 identical parts at the beginning of the pattern :??

I’ve not knitted in a while and didn’t think I’d be doing it again as I always get frustrated and can never understand patterns but the wool shop drew me in with all its lovely yarn!!!

Could someone please help


Caz x

I would cut the yarn leaving about a 6" tail and place the first leg on a st holder. Start the second leg with a new end of yarn. The pattern may well have you use the working yarn from the finished second leg to join the two legs and start the body (in which case the yarn tail on leg number one can just be woven in). Good luck with the toy!


Thanks for your speedy reply! I think that makes sense, after knitting both legs the pattern says “with rs facing p/u both legs and continue in s/stitch c/o 12 sts between each leg on the 1st row”. So would I knit along the stitches on the 1st leg and then c/o 12 and then knit the stitches on the 2nd leg??

Thank you!

Since your working yarn is on leg number 2, I would knit across leg 2, cast on 12 sts, and then knit across leg 1. You can cast on the sts between the legs by putting the needle with leg 2 into your left hand and cable or knit casting on the 12 sts, then switch the needle back to your right hand and knit across the sts of leg 1. If you need to see the cable or knit cast on, go to the Free Videos tab at the top of the page and look under Cast On.