Bent knitting needle- rookie mistake?

Hello everyone!

I have been knitting for about 5/6 months and a little while ago purchased some size 7 bamboo knitting needles. I knit a hat with them and then noticed that both have a gradual little bend in them extending almost the entire length of the needle. It bothers me!

Should I avoid bamboo and buy strictly metal knitting needles from now on? Is this something other experienced knitters know about but I am just now figuring out? :slight_smile:


Yes, this can happen to all levels of knitters, they may grip the needles too tight or have a tight tension. As long as you don’t break one, it’s okay if they’re bent.

Were these DPNs (double pointed needles) or circulars (two needles joined with a cord)?

I’m wondering: If they’re circulars, were you straining to make the tips meet and maneuver correctly to knit (sometimes this will happen if your cord is really short)? If so, that might put too much tension on the needle part and make them bend. You might try longer cords and magic loop or traveling loop, or you could try DPNs instead.