Bent Boye Needles

I’m pretty new to knitting, but I have a set of boye straights that I really like. I was going to get a Boye Needlemaster for cheap off of ebay, but I notice that my needles, size 13 were bending under the weight of the bulky weight yarn I was using to make a sweater. This was before I even had knit very much! Is this normal? Is there a way to prevent it? Is this bad to have needles bend?

There are different needles out there… and all behave a bit differently. I have a bamboo needle - one is very straight and the other slightly bent(warped). It is not making any difference in my gauge or knitting - so I just ignore it.

Slight bends(warping) or when knitting, the weight of the yarn tends to pull at the needle isn’t so bad - it shouldn’t effect your knitting - if it effects your knitting, find a different needle.

Some of my very small, size 1 and 2 aluminum needles have bent with use over time, but they still work.

I do find plastic needles tend to bend. Also, if you are knitting very tightly - it will pull at your needle.

I have Boyes and haven’t found a problem with them bending. Perhaps you are knitting tight.

I have bamboo needles that are slowly bowing to my hand pressure…they will not break, but they are taking on my hand sway…

I am not a fan of Boyes at all! I think it was DF who pointed out that it was likely my tension, but I have been wearing the paint right off of them, and the feeling that comes out of that…is like nails on a chalkboard…horrible! I hate boyes and will never purchase them again…

(with the exception of a crochet needle kit, as they are not rubbing against one another constantly)

I don’t care for them either. The points are so sharp and I push the point on most stitches. The crochet needles are so big. Yuk. Just my opinion.