Bella's Mittens, Magic Loop?

I’m a fairly new knitter and am going to attempt Bella’s Mittens. The pattern reads “Cast on 43 stitches and join in the round using the Magic Loop Method” Then Rows 1 thru 6 read [P1, K1] x 12, P1, K12, [P1,K1] x 3.

I’ve watched the Magic Loop video a million times. I’m still confused. Do I cast on the 43, then separate the stitches and begin Row 1 of the pattern? I’ve never used circular needles before, can’t I just join and then start the pattern? I don’t HAVE to use the Magic Loop method to have it turn out the same right?


You don’t have to use ML but you would have to use a method designed for small diamters such as DPNs or 2 circulars. circumfrence of the mittens is too small to fit comfortably around a circular needle when joined so a method like ML is necassary.
If yousing ML you would have to put the stitches into the ML configuration before joining to avoid over stretching the cast on.

I’m very sorry but I am still not sure I understand. The pattern says join using ML, how do I join then? When watching the video it just shows splitting the stitches, then knitting, then sliding stitches, then knitting. So how do I join? And when do I start Row 1 of my pattern?

EDIT: Hmmm, ok, so after I split them then knit both sides, my work will basically be joined right? So then I start Row 1 of my pattern? Or am I still wrong? LOL.

the joining is joining to knit into the round which is done simply by knitting which is why that’s all you are seeing.
Cast on and split the sticthes into two halves as shown then hold the knitting so that the first cast on stitch is on the needle in your left hand and the last cast on stitch is on the cable. The working yarn should be coming from this last cast on stitch. Hold the working yarn as usual in your left hand (if you knit continental, right hand if English) and begin knitting as usual.

The work will be joined and you can continue with the ML method (knitting, then sliding then knitting etc).

Just start straight off with row 1 of the pattern

Thank you very much tarrentella. I’m going to practice on some scrap yarn before attempting this. I’m totally nervous about doing anything other than stockinette, lol, but I guess I have to branch out at some point, eh?

Thank you again.

Sometimes when I’m knitting using the magic Loop…I will cast on an extra st. Then I will split them in half and have the first half ready to knit on the needle…the other 1/2 will be down on your cable so that you can knit with the other end. What I do is take the last cast on sts (the extra sts) and move that to the first needle that I’m getting ready to knit on. Make sure there is no twist in the sts and that they are all going the same…then I first do a K2tog to get rid of that extra st…this can make it easier to get it going and close up any gaps you may get.

One you work across the first 1/2 of sts then you move the other sts up to the needle tip and pull the others just worked down on the cable, and work those 1/2 sts. One Round has been worked…you just keep going in this manner…

Thanks so much for asking this question and for the answer - I too am new to knitting (almost done with my first project - a 2x2 ribbed scarf) and am starting this pattern this weekend as well.

Believe it or not, I practiced the magic loop throughout the day yesterday and think I have it down now! How exciting! The only thing is that a few of the stitches are a smidge uneven when I join around but that’s probably only noticeable to me, LOL.

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile:

Hey great! It really is a good idea to practice a new technique or stitch pattern with some scrap yarn to figure out all the details so when you get to the `good’ yarn, you’re more familiar with it and it goes a lot easier.

I have a few questions about the magic loop.

I cast on using the long tail cast on, which I’ve seen someone use in a magic loop video. I know it’s not the best cast on, but I’m slowly teaching myself to knit and I just want to take one thing at a time.

I’m confused though, on the slip knot I use to start my cast on. What am I suppose to do with it? The only thing that I’ve knitted before was a scarf and that was just using the knit stitch. When making the scarf, I pulled the slip knot out after I was finishing knitting the first row.

I’m confused on what to do with it in the magic loop method. I think if someone can explain that to me, I might be able to make my friend’s Bella mittens for her before Christmas.

And has anyone made these and can they tell me how easy they are to make? I’ve already mastered the cable part. I have practiced it a million times and I’ve discovered I love making cables.

Any help would be a appreciated. Thank you so much.

Sam :muah:

I made these last year using 4 Dpn’s and it was quick and easy! They look great!
Im just not a magic loop fan.