Bekahdrmom in Baton Rouge

I just went to BR for a meeting. Where do you shop? I will be going there in the future for other meetings.

Anyone in BR? Thanks

bump Anyone?

Do you think Katrina has interrupted a bit of power there? Maybe that’s what’s going on.

i would be nearly positive of it. there is only about 50 miles of space between BTR and New Orleans. at the very least the town is getting hit hard with wind and rain AND a flood of people from New Orleans who were evacuated. 'fraid you are going to have to give her a few days.

I’m positive many in BR have lost power. Lots of downed trees and power lines there. A woman on my lab forum lives in BR and haven’t heard from her since this morning. At that point there was a tree down in her backyard and the lights had flickered a few time. I hope she checks back in soon too.

hadn’t thought about BR being close to NO :doh: and it would make sense that anyone else there would be in the same shape.

I truely don’t know what I was thinking.