Beginnner Mistake! I keep adding on stitches?

I just started knitting at the beginning of this week, and I’m doing alright. I practiced knitting for a bit, so now I’m trying to do a scarf. For whatever reason, I keep accidently adding stitches. I can’t figure out how I’m doing it, and I can’t figure out what the difference is from when I do and I don’t. I started out with just 25 and now I have 40. I realize this is probably really dumb, but go easy, I just started. Thanks for your help!

At the top of the How-to folder page with the list of questions are some threads that have been “stickied” or saved because the questions are so common. Click on the one “Mysterious Extra Stitches”. I looked through the first page and your problem is probably covered there, if not look further. If you don’t find the answer come and ask again.

Oh man, do I feel dumb. I thought I had looked all over for this and it turns out it was right in front of me… Thanks and sorry about that!