Beginning a Purl row with a yarn over

I am starting a shawl and everyother row begins with a Purl yarnover. I can make the yarn over but the stitch is much looser than the one I’m making on the Knit side. What am I doing wrong.
Thanks for any help.

I see no problem with this, since the yarn over is meant to be looser. If it’s much too loose, tug on the yarn after doing the yarn over, making sure you knit the next stitch tighter.

It probably should be loose so the edge will stretch in blocking or when you put the edging on. Lace knitting is supposed to be really loose compared to sock or even sweater knits.

Thanks. Maybe I just should relax and stop worrying.

Ahhh, relax - that’s the key word. If you don’t, your knitting isn’t either and can be too tight.