Beginner -what to do with last stitch in row?

Hi everyone!
I am new to knitting and very enthusiastic too! Though I can’t figure out one thing that always occurs at the end of every row, the last stitch. When I knit the last stitch am I supposed to do it in the regular way? I mean, knit it, and slip the old stitch off from the left needle? When I do that, it always leaves a very loose, big loop at the end that is just not a normal stitch…What am I doing wrong?? :doh:
Also, I seem to decrease with each row… how fun…haha .But seriously, why does it happen?


The last stitch will seem looser than the others because it is only attached to another stitch on one side. When you turn to start working the next row, just give your working yarn an extra little tug to make sure the first stitch or two are nice and snug and then continue on as usual. It may take a little practice but neat edges are possible!

As for why you would be decreasing stitches as you go, the only thing I can think is that you are accidentally knitting two stitches together.

yeah i would think that you would notice of you were accidentally decreasing by knitting two together unless your yarn is really thin… :thinking: do you notice any random loose loops in the middle of the work anywhere? it seems to me that it would be more likely that you are dropping stitches but not sure. puzzle puzzle puzzle.

Hmmm…the yarn I am practicing with is on the thin side…maybe that’s the problem…? There are no loops in the middle of the work, only the sides seem to be a problem. Maybe I’ll take a pic of it so everyone can see… hehe