Beginner tools for learning to Crochet?

Since I am a beginner and just found out my hubby used to help his mom crochet I would like to learn this craft first then learn to knit. What do I need? Type of hook etc… thanks!:grphug:

Without getting into some hand mades there are basically 2 styles of hooks. The Boye brand type and the Susan Bates brand type.

I suggest going to Walmart and getting a Boye K hook and a 4 pack of large Crystalites (plastic but sizes you can only get in plastic).
Then if you like the Boye buy a pack of Boyes. If you like the Crystalites buy a pack of Susan Bates (not sold at Walmart).
That way you will spend the least amount of money to find out which type you like and you will end up with the largest selection of sizes that you should ever need (unless you’re going to be making doilies).

Other than hooks there’s really nothing else to buy for crochet.

Thanks Mike, this simplifies it for me ALOT and I Appreciate it… I do have a Boye but I think it is a J hook… is that bad?

No, the only reason I suggest getting the K is to save money.

If you end up liking Boye and get their set I think it includes J but not K.
The reason I say to get the Crystalite 4 pack of large hooks is because the Bates and Boye sets don’t include those sizes.

It’s not like they’re that expensive to buy them all as singles. I just like saving money :slight_smile:

I would recommend a Clover soft touch hook or a hook with a larger handle. Skinny hooks can seriously damage your hand, and also put more strain on your arm, wrist, and elbow. I use a Provo Craft ergonometric hook from Wal Mart. Pricey but so much easier on my joints.

I posted some how-to crochet videos on my site. They are meant for amigurumi (stuffed toys), but they may help you learn some of the basics:

Hook & Needles: Amigurumi Tutorial 1

In it I posted some other resources to learn to crochet.

I picked up the Cozy Crochet Kit at my local Barnes & Noble not too long ago. It comes with 5 hooks of different sizes (which are more than adequate for my first few projects) and 25 patterns. The hooks seem to be more similar to the Bates than the Boyes. I haven’t tried either yet. I’ve, also, seen the Clover hooks at my LYS. So many to choose from! Keep us posted about what you like!

Choose a worsted or even a chunky weight yarn - a lighter color will be best so that you can see what you’re doing.
The yarn label will have a hook size. Purchase just that one size to get started. Any material of hook, really, will work.
Then, just a good “learn how to crochet” book.
My mother taught me when I was in 2nd grade. She made me practice chaining until it was perfect. Cruel, cruel mom LOL. Then, I moved on to single crochet until I had that perfected, double crochet and so on.
A picture of my first real project all those years ago :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they still have it or not, but I always tell newbies to buy the I TAUGHT MYSELF TO CROCHET BOOK WITH HOOKS,
they used to sell the book with the main hooks used for the pattern in the book then all you have to do is buy the yarn to go with it.
a nice yellow or brite pink is good to get.
but when I teach someone I have them start with coasters, do the coasters in single crochet about 4 of them, then do them in half double crochet, then in double crochet … etc … just chain up about 15 and work on that for awhile, until you feel comfortable with the hooks and stitches, before jumping into making anything larger.
I prefer the person be comfortable with the hook an stitches first.
BUT BUT BUT neverrrrr buy a dark color to learn with an do NOT get a varigated yarn to start with either… those can end up frustrating you.
then just relax and practice cause ya need to learn the tension also and doing the coasters first will help you get used to things easier and NOT as much to rip out if you have too … haha… hmmmm