Beginner Spinning Help

Hi, I’m so new to spinning fiber that I haven’t even tried it yet! However a friend at work gave me about 8.5oz of adult mohair fiber. I’m hunting for a drop spindle (my apartment is wicked small) and need to know the proper weight to spin adult mohair.

On some sites, many suggested here, it’s been recommended for a beginner to start out with a med-heavy spindle. Would that be suitable for the fiber I have? On the Joy of Spinning site it was noted that mohair is like spinning wool. Then of course that made me think, well, which type of wool? And so my confusion was founded.

Any thoughts? I’m pretty sure I’d like to purchase a low whorl drop spindle but not sure of the weight - perhaps center-weighted? And is there anything else to consider? Very excited!!!:cheering:

Thank you!

Hey it’s really nice to hear that you have started spinning fiber. Keep up the good work. Thanks.:yay: :yay: :cheering: :cheering: