Beginner needs pattern help!

I need help with this pattern:

I finished rows 1-24, but I think there might be a few omissions in the pattern… For instance, I didn’t see any instructions for knitting the border above the hearts (see picture on website). So I am thinking of adding my own border by knitting 8 rows.

Before I add the border, I think I might have to add a few rows of stockinette stitches so that there is as much space above the hearts as there is below the hearts…

Please post any comments/feedback because I need to know if my additions seem right to you!

Just taking a quick glance at the pattern… rows 1-6 are the “border.” The heart doesn’t start to appear until row 7.

ETA: Just read it more thoroughly… I think you are right. They should have included the “knit 8 rows” as part of the pattern repeat.

Thanks Deb!