Beginner needs help!

Hi, I’m a really really new knitter. I was just reading a pattern for beginners and I’m looking at a pattern for a baby earflap hat. It is calling for a circular size 10 needle. Ok I know what that is and have been using it to make caps for the capital. My question is that after casting on my 50 stitches the pattern says to place a marker and join. I don’t know how to join. Does this mean my hat will not have a seam, because I really don’t want a seam. Can anyone give me direction. I would really appreciate it. Remember, really a beginner.


Missbugsolena :shrug:

Check out Amy’s video on large diameter circular knitting on this page. She shows how to join. :thumbsup:

For a baby hat, you won’t want your circular needle to be longer than 16 inches, and you’ll need to change to double-pointed needles when you start decreasing for the top part. But circulars are definitely what you want for seamless hats!

Thanks for your prompt response. God Double ended needles. I really need my knitting circle to start up again! Wish me luck! :muah:

i had the same question about joining, but when i looked at the large diameter knitting video. it didnt seem as if she did any special “join” it seems as if she just started knitting and thats all.

if you have two circs the same size you won’t have to use DPNs, you can do the decreased portion on two circs. the video is on the same page that Jane linked.

As far as the join goes, what i do is bring the two points together after i have cast on, and swap the first stitch and the last stitch and then start knitting in the round like Amy shows in her video. helps to tighten it.

i also used to cast on one extra stitch and knit the first and last stitch together… I found that swapping is easier, though a little precarious when you pop those stitches off the ends of the needles! :wink:

When you are going to join your working yarn will be on the right hand needle so when you wrap it it joins them together. There will be no seams! :cheering:

yup, thats all there is to it
just knit into the first stitch that you cast on,

not the last one like when you turn your work to start your next row


Hey thanks everyone for your input. I’m so glad I found this site!

Have a wonderful Holiday.

Thanks Again