Beginner needing help to knit wife and daughter Christmas stockings


Hi everybody - I want to knit my wife and daughter christmas stockings. I have a stocking that my Grandma knitted for me (see pictures) and would like to knit two more that look similar. I have never knitted before! But I have some time off over the next few weeks and want to take a crack at this. This will be a total surprise for my wife. I’ve done a little bit of internet research but am not having a lot of luck w/ what equipment I need nor finding a good pattern. So a couple questions

  • what equipment do I need to knit stockings similar to what I have?
  • are there patterns out there that are similar? or do I need to create one?

really appreciate any and all help.

thank you!


Hi osmonix, Sweet idea to try and make one each for your wife and daughter, I sincerely hope you manage to do this. Firstly, to me this looks like crochet granny squares - not knitting!! You use a hook to do crochet whereas for knitting you use needles, very different crafts.
Here is a video to watch for making a crochet granny square for beginners
It explains what you need and what to do in simple detailed terms.
Wishing you lots of luck, if you get stuck come back and ask and someone here will try and help you out.


It looks as though you need 13 granny squares then a border crocheted to the top after you have sewn them together. Here is a link for a crochet pattern -
and some for how to make basic crochet stitches -


This is my go to pattern for socks, my absolute favorite! It is done on two needles and seamed up the side. It has the easiest short row heel ever, just knitting back and forth, no wraps, no picking up stitches. When you get good at knitting, you can knit this in the round with circulars or double points. But for now, this is simple and easy for beginners. You can change colors and do it in stripes. Or you can get variegated yarn in Christmas colors. They are mostly solid colors, but I especially like Caron Simply Soft yarn that is shiny or has a metallic thread in it. They also have a red, white, and green striped one. Please post pictures when you are done. We would love to see it!

Edit: the pattern is for a sneaker sock but you can easily add a few inches of length between the cuff and sock heel. I do mine slightly different on the sock heel. Otherwise the pattern is the same. My latest sock this last week was done in what I call Cheater Yarn. Lol it’s built into the variegation. All you do is knit but it looks like you really knocked yourself out with fair isle. This is Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn in Jazzy stripe). image|747x784


Thanks so much Linda. And hahaha, so glad I came to the forum and asked before buying a bunch of knitting equipment!

Watched the video, very helpful. I like that I can do the squares individually. Will make it easy to sneak in a few squares while the wife is away

I’ll buy some materials to get myself started and report back!


Thank you kinuk! ok with Linda’s video and your estimate of 13 squares I’m guessing I’ll need ~15 hours to get this done. (Lady in video did a square in 24 minutes, I’ll guess it takes me an hour) x 13 squares + a couple hours for the border and putting them together.

and thanks for the pattern. will report back once I get the materials!


Definitely is crochet.
Granny square patterns.
It is 15 granny squares.

Some of the appliques are knit.

I personally found crochet easier to learn because you can learn in stages or phases.