Beginner Magic Loop question

Hi, I’ve been knitting for about a year, and I’ve only really knit flat pieces. I want to start making hats, and I’d like to try with Magic Loop.

This is a seriously beginner question, but are most patterns adaptable to this method? If they are written for double pointed needles, can I still follow the decreases in the pattern with magic loop?

Thanks! I’m still trying to get my head around this method and knitting in the round.

Welcome to KH. Anything that can be knit in the round can be done on magic loop. Just make sure your cable is long enough. You don’t want to put stress on the cable where it is joined to the needle tip. When I work a pattern written for double pointed needles (DPN) I use markers to indicate which stitches go with which needles. As you get used to doing your circular knitting you can sometimes skip the markers for the needles on simple patterns. What pattern do you have in mind? Ask any questions and there are people who will be more than happy to help you out.

Thank you! I thought about trying this pattern out:

It looks simple, and I think it’ll be warm for this Winter.

That’s a good choice. You will probably breeze right through it.

I love magic loop and use it for all my hats. :thumbsup:


Thank you guys!

I have tried to do magic loop for the past hour, and I’m so frustrated! My cable keeps getting twisted, and I feel like everything in general is twisting. It might just be that I’m not used to the method yet. I might watch a few more tutorials and try again tomorrow.

Try knitting a couple of rows flat, back and forth, before joining to work in the round. It’s easier to do it that way and the yarn tail can be used to make a stitch or two with a yarn needle to close the space that will be there. HTH

Welcome to KH!
You might need to straighten out the cable itself. Usually hot water or steam from a whistling kettle for a few seconds is enough to make the cable relax. Hold it straight for a bit after the heat step and that should help.

Thank you all for your suggestions. My needles and cables are brand new, so I think I’m going to try the warm water to relax the cable. Then I will try knitting back and forth two rows to get hopefully make things simpler for myself. Maybe by the time I get my hat knit I’ll have this method down! :stuck_out_tongue:

The traveling loop method looks very interesting! I hadn’t seen that before.

What brand of needles are you using? Does the cable look like it belongs in a weed wacker?

They’re from Knitter’s Pride. They’re pretty flexible, but I guess since they’re so new they keep wanting to curl back up really bad. Oh, and they’re interchangeable. I caved and bought the set, lol.

Good. You have good needles and the cable should be fine after relaxing in a hot bath. :wink: How long is it? That’s from needle tip to needle tip. I too prefer a longer cable over one that’s close to too short.

It’s 40 inches. That’s the longest cable I have.

What’s your fix for the Needlemaster cables? I was reading elsewhere that another brand of cables used with the connector for joining two together fits them.

BTW I love your user name.

That should work fine unless you’re doing lots and lots of stitches and I don’t think you are. It does take some getting accustomed to pulling the cable through and getting the front stitches into position. I had a hard time at first, and more than once pulled the needle tip right out of the stitches. :hair: Hang in there and I’m sure you’ll get it. If it’s really frustrating be sure to take a break. I think once it clicks for you, you’ll be off and running. Ask any questions you have and feel free to vent even.

Knitter’s Pride needles and cable are my first choice.

one of these days, i’m going to have to re-teach myself in-the-round on DPNs… i love magic loop and 2-circs so much :wink:

but what happens if it’s the zombie apocalypse, and there’s only tree twigs to knit with? then i’ll really be out of luck…


Yeah, I guess you better so you can sock it to 'em.

I ran my cable under hot water, and it is much more relaxed now!

And I have the method of magic loop figured out now. It’s not so hard with my cable not twisting as much. BUT, I do not think I joined in the round correctly according to the pattern I’m looking at (not the one I posted earlier).

It says to cast on 81 stitches, and then join in the round knitting the first and last stitch together to eliminate jag. Total 80 stitches.
…but I still have 81. I knit the first and last stitch together like it said, and it definitely joined. I’m knitting a tube, just not with the right number of stitches. What did I do wrong this time? Lol.

I swear I’m not totally new to knitting. I made an entire patchwork blanket! But I have never knit in the round before, and I feel like I’m starting over, haha.

Perhaps there was a miscount and you really started with a cast on of 82sts? Make sure you’re not doing an accidental yarn over when come to the loop in the cable.
You’re starting with k2p2 rib so it seams to me that you need 80sts for that to work out evenly. Later you increase back to 81 so that you get the swirl pattern of purl sts.