Beginner- Loop Scarf Help

I purchased the Dovetail Design for the simple loop scarf for a X-mas present I’m making. I’m having trouble deciphering the end part of the scarf.

Work 7 rev St st rnds. (4 sets of St st and Rev St st rnds, less BO row).

I understand "Work 7 rev St st rnds. After that I’m stuck. Can anyone help clarify?

Hmm. It almost sounds like they want you to work garter stitch, but they’re calling the purl rounds ‘reverse stockinette’ and the knit rounds ‘stockinette.’

If you wanted to work rev. in the round, you’d purl every round.

I suspect that what I said first was right.

(purl 1 round, k1 round) 3 times; then purl one round and bind off in knit.

Do you have a link so we can see what it looks like?