Beginner knitting kit

Okay, not sure on what I need to get, if anything, other than some yarn and needles, but, was googling and found this, but, have no idea what any of it is for or if I even need it.

Eventually you’ll know what all that is for and probably want most of it. For now, you need yarn and needles. I see:
stitch markers you can make out of almost anything,
yarn needles for sewing together pieces or hiding ends–but you can do without them for now, or may already have them
a needle gauge, nice when you get a whole collection of needles, not necessary when you have one pair
a ruler, which you probably already have
a row counter, which some people like and some don’t
stitch holders–you’ll like having those one of these days if you’re making sweaters and such, but there are ways to get around them
two pairs of decent, unspectacular aluminum needles
a book with some patterns in it (not a bad book; I gave my copy to somebody.)

If you get a decent price on the whole thing, that’s good. If not, pick the things up as you need them. $20 is fairly steep for it, so check around.

I haven’t bought anything yet. I will be this evening on my way home from work though:happydance:
Thank you for your help!! I will just get some yarn and needles for now until i’m good enough to do anything but potholders.:knitting:

For potholders, that’ll be plenty. (By the way…if you make square potholders, and just keep making more, you end up with an afghan before you know it. That’s about when the yarn needles come in handy.)

I would say needles and yarn will pretty much do it!
Have fun with it, how exciting… :slight_smile:

its a beginners knit kit it helps you learn to knit

That’s the exact kit i learned to knit with. It had everything I needed to begin, except the yarn of course.

You really think so???:roflhard:

Thank you all for your help!!

I agree, you don’t really need it; about the only thing in it that will actually help you learn to knit is the booklet. The videos and help here can teach you as well. The yarn needles can be bought for about $1, stitch markers you can make with snips of yarn or buy a bag of plastic rings for $1, and needles are maybe $3/pair. The needle gauge (which you won’t need for a long time) is about $2. Any ruler will do, you can use spare needles or scrap yarn for stitch holders, and you may not need a row counter but they’re about $5, I think, maybe less. So you can pick these extras up for not very much when you need them. Save the extra $$ for yarn! :wink:

I agree with others, buy just as you need things. You’ll be fine without the booklet, and you won’t need most of the things in the kit, except needles of course, for a while yet. Plus, scrap yarn makes great stitch holders, better than the metal ones because it’s flexible. You might prefer an electronic row counter, different stitch markers, different needles, etc. If knitting becomes a passion you’ll probably spend plenty on supplies, so it’s worth getting the ones that you want.

I’ve bought two of them at different points, and got frustrated and threw everything away twice. I couldn’t figure it out from the illustrations in the books. It wasn’t until I found the videos here, and just bought needles and yarn, that I got it.

Kudos to you though if you can use it!

Again, thanks for all the advise!! This forum is great!

yep! you dont really need the kit… just but the contents of the kit separately. Ok?