Beginner knitter with a problem


I’m a beginner knitter and am stuck on a baby bonnet.
Can anyone help me?
Here is the pattern

[i]using No 10 needle cast on 37 stitches ([b]I get that

[i]K6 rows K1 YO, k2tog; repeat across row (37 stitches) [b] I get that

[i]Knit across 12 sts., put these 12 on a piece of yarn, or DP needle.[b]got thisknit across 14 stitches, put remaining stitches on yarn or DP thisTurn, k2tog, Knit to end of row, Knit 1 stitch from stitches on yarn or needle[b]This is the part that I don’t get, do I add 1 stitch from each of the DP-1 stitch on each end of main needle?
or do I just keep adding and turning my work?
Here’s the rest; repeat this one row until center 14 sts. remain. Break yarn. does this mean that there will only be 14 sts. left on the main needle and nothing left on the DP needles?
Thanks for anyone’s help.

Each time you turn your work and knit across you will be working one stitch from the double pointed needle, as you thought, and continue doing so until you have used up all the stitches that had previously been placed on the double pointed needles. You will then be left with 14 stitches.