Beginner Knit Mitts Problem

I’m not sure if I’m following my pattern correctly
The pattern is as follows:
11th Row - K27. Turn. Cast on 1 st. P13(including cast on st). Turn. Cast on 1 st. K14(including cast on). ***Beg with a purl row, work 9 rows in stocking st.

I knitted the 27 sts, turned my work, casted on and P, turned my work casted on and K. I’m confused about the last part because I am currently in the middle of my work and am given no direction on ending to start at ***.


This is how I read the pattern:

Knit 27 stitches
Turn your work so that the stitches you just knit are in your left hand
Cast on 1 stich onto the needle in your left hand
Purl 13 stitches, including the one you just cast on your left needle(you’re actually purling back to the 27th stitch via short rows)
Turn your work again by placing the left needle BACK into your right hand and vis versa
Cast on one stitch
Knit 14 stitches