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I am fairly new to knitting and am in need of some help. I would like to try something simple like this pattern:
I know it is simple as it is just squares, but I just can’t understand the measurements. I need to knit the Women’s size which is 3 1/4" squares. I cast on 17 stitches as it says but then i start to knit and the measurements just go out the window. I have even tried to cast on whilst measuring but it still doesn’t work.
Right, second question! What is a #8 needle? I am confused with the UK sizes, the US sizes and the mm sizes of needles available. And my local knitting shop does not know what “worsted weight yarn” is. If anyone can be bothered to answer this I will be greatful, but if not, I completely understand!

Thank you
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One thing you need to do is a gauge. Look at the pattern for guidance on that. Generally if you do a 4" square, take it off the needles and measure it you will be OK.


Needle conversion chart

Yarn standards chart

These charts will tell you how to convert UK needles to US sizes.

Worsted weight yarn is the standard, most common weight yarn, whose gauge is about 20 st per 10 cm.

In order to get your squares to be the same size as the pattern says, you need to be knitting in the same gauge. Even if you use the correct size needle, that doesn’t always happen. People knit at different tensions. If your square is turning out too big, you can try with smaller needle; too small, try a larger needle. The gauge for these squares is 5 st per inch.

Very often when you cast on stitches, they don’t measure the same as what the knitted piece will be, so you need to knit a few rows before you get a better idea of what it’s true size will be.

I hope this gets you started, anyway.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long question!

Thanks for your replies as well. I will try the pattern as soon as I have finished my dad’s golf-club cover (need it by father’s day!).

Thanks everyone!!
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Ingrid, those are very helpful charts. I’ve saved them as the needle one is going to get a lot of use.


First of all, here is a chart with UK versus US needle sizes

THis might help with figuring out yarn weights.

I’m thinking a US worsted is fairly close to a UK aran weight.

Could you help me learn to make a golf club cover?

Make them like mittens without a thumb.