Beginner help-Mens Slippers

i am new to this website, and may have accidentially posted in the wrong area (please forgive me) i would like to learn how to make a very SIMPLE pair of slippers for my husbands size 10.5 feet, i seem to be stuck on how to read the pattern instructions and am so frustrated, any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated. thank you very much.

Do you already have a pattern that you need help with, or are you looking for a pattern? has tons of free patterns, you can look there if you need one.

If you have a pattern already, what’s the problem?

thank you for the website info, it does have some great patterns, as i am so new at knitting, it maybe too advanced for me to do slippers at this point, as i only how to Knit and purl and cast on and bind off, i don’t know how to really read patterns yet or much more. thanks again