Beginner - Hat patterns?

I’ve done a scarf - and am working on two more right now. THey’re easy enough - and I think I have them down. But I do wanna be able to knit more than scarves eventually. So I’m looking at hats (mainly cause they seem simple and cause I’d like the gifts I give to match what I’ve already made for people).

But here’s the big question I have - every pattern I’ve found for hats requires me to have more than the circular needles that I went out and got today. And I don’t understand that at all. Why can’t I just use the circular needles (with as many stitches as it needs) and after a few inches for the brim and forehead area just lessening stitches until I completely bind off at the top. Why can’t I just do this, why is this a bad thing? Why do I need to go out and get double pointed needles?

I’m just confused by this. Will someone please explain this to me - and hopefully also please direct me to the EASIEST pattern possible for the very first thing I’m knitting beyond simple scarves.

well the dpn’s are for when it gets near the top and there are very few stitches left…also if made a baby hat the other day which doesnt involve circs or dpns its very easy and can be adjusted to adult sizes here’s the link I finished it in one day and I’m working on more i think the next I may only do with one strand of yarn unlike the 2 it suggests…

After you do about half the decs the sts won’t fit around the needles. You can do a single loop version of Magic loop, or if you have another circ the same size (or even one size up or down) you can finish by using both of them.

Like Sue says once you decrease enough the stitches just won’t fit around a 16" circular needle anymore. They stretch way out and it’s not only hard to work it’s bad for the garment and yarn. You can either get DPNs to finish the top OR you can use two circular needles of the same size or do Magic Loop with a longer circular needle.

Well, DPNS really aren’t so bad once you get the hang of them. And the really are easier to deal with than two sets of circ with wires and needles hanging everywhere (sorry to all who love that method :slight_smile: ). Besides if this is going to be a hobby, and you want to learn new techniques, new needles will be required :slight_smile: Also, I have just about finished my first hat, the shedir, and I believe that I can knit anything now! It has been a good project!