Beginner crocheting!

When double crocheting do you always chain 3 extra chains then begin your double crochet on the 4th chain? Ive seen videos where some do chain 3 more , then others that do not??

It depends on what the pattern is going to be. In plain double crochet, you nearly always chain 3 and turn. There’s a way to start a row with a stretched-out loop, but most people (and patterns) don’t do it that way.

If you don’t do something to “raise” your starting point, the edge of your work will be pulled in. (Try it with a piece of scrap yarn and you’ll see what I mean; make a few double crochets, then turn without chaining and try to double crochet back.) Now and then, you might want that to happen in order to shape a piece, but usually you don’t.

Ok thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If I’m chaining at the start of a dc row I almost always use 2 chains. For me it’s a nicer edge than 3, I just make sure that they’re tall enough. For hdc I use one tall chain, for sc I often skip the ch and simply pull the last loop of the last stitch in the row up and then sc into the first st after turning. Different people find different ways of making their work look the way they want it to. Experiment a little and find your best way.

PS there are ways to skip the beginning chain altogether. If you search on the topic you should find some things to try. I don’t have links handy or would share them.

I just noticed, its seems you’re at the foundation chain. I’d do as the pattern says or if I’m just doing my own thing would work into the third chain. Foundation single crochet can often replace those starting chains and in IMO is well worth learning, the sooner the better.
Foundation Single Crochet