Beginner Christmas Ornament type pattern


My girls and i are involved in a handmade Christmas ornament exchange and are new knitters. We’d love to be able to knit a cute ornament to exchange with our friends in our homeschool co-op. Any suggestions?

thanks in advance.

I don’t know what you know and what you don’t, but these might not be too hard. They are knit flat.
Here’s a little wreath which isn’t hard if you learn I-cord.

I found another cute one on Ravelry, but it’s only there as far as I know. I asked the designer if it was online somewhere or if I could share it. I’ll get back here when I find out.

Thanks jan,

BOth look do-able - with a little help… i’ll peruse Ravelry - i have a membership there, too. DIdn’t even think of it.

I just made one of the jingle bells listed on this site - it’s cute…


Oh okay! Well, I got a PM back and she said it was fine to share, but here’s the link so you can download it yourself if you want.

There’s also a knitted ornament pattern…oh, shoot, let me see if this is the right link… Also, has a bunch of cute Christmas stuff. You do have to register, but they have never bothered me with spam or anything like that.

BTW, it’s always good to meet another Becky!:smiley:

OMG - that is so cute!

I’ve made this, too, but there are no knitting skills involved. They also have a crochet themed one, too.

if you go to, search for ornaments and you’ll get a few more, too - some that really are knit.

I know! I’m thinking of making some for all my knitter friends at my social knitting group. :yay: