beginner cardigan pattern suggestions

Hi There!
I’m new! Have loved crocheting for many years but have always loved the look of knit so much better! I️ have taken up knitting trying to teach myself but find myself limited. Would love help with questions, etc.

Is there a beginner cardigan pattern that someone might share? I️ know how to purl, knit, increase and decrease. Where I️ get stuck is how to fix my mistakes, so I️ start all over. Getting frustrated! Sorry, I️ don’t know why my keyboard is doing weird symbols!

The very first cardigan I knitted was this one:

I found the pattern in a booklet called “Paton’s Next Steps 3”. The instructions were easy to follow.


I’m not sure what type of cardigan you’re looking for, but my first sweater (pullover) was from this company and it was easy. These are usually seamless raglans so they are not done in pieces and seamed.

I taught myself to knit (I could knit and purl but that was it) from the book Knitty Gritty. I highly recommend it. It has many simple patterns with photos of each stage and tips for fixing things. In the past I would get discouraged when things went wrong but this book really helped me understand knitting much more. The follow up book - Knitty Gritty The Next Steps- has some simple jumper/cardigan patterns but I’d recommend getting the first one too.

There’s a list of videos to fix mistakes here.

Thank you so much! That sweater looks great! If I️ get stuck can I️ solicit your help?

Thank you! I️ will get that book!

Thank you Mike!!!

Thank you! I️ love that v neck cardigan!

Yep, just come back and start a new thread with the pattern link and ask your questions. :slight_smile:

Great! I️ promise I️ won’t bother you too much!!!



Did you use the Paton chunky yarn? Would a Bernat soft chunky work as well?



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Sure, that will be fine! Fortunately, I still have that booklet!!


Thry have some really nice sweaters

I think maybe you meant to ask @knitcindy. :slight_smile:

They do! I made an easy pullover. Being my first sweater and only having knit 3 mos my gauge was off a bit so it’s pretty big, but it looks good. :slight_smile:

When i finish the 6 projectd that i am currently working on all at once i think i will take the time to make something for myself

Hi Joanne,

No I didn’t use the Paton’s yarn. My mom wanted me to use a particular yarn, which I don’t remember now what it was.

I think if u find a yarn u like that matches the weight/thickness that the pattern calls for you should be fine!!